Art. They’ll never believe us by Brett Jordan

They’ll never believe us. Oil on canvas. Brett Jordan 2014

I love this piece. I mean I really love it.

This work shows the magic that you can hold with an innocent and open mind, where a cloud is more than a cloud, where magical creatures can exist and not just when you were a child. Children can see things in an extraordinary way and some adults can easily dismiss this limitless curiosity and world view as we do love a pigeonhole.

We are both realists but we also do our very best to see with open eyes, hearts and minds. We hold on to the excitement and spark of wonder when we spot something that could, at first glance appear very ordinary.

That’s all I’m saying from my perspective, please see where this painting takes you.


3 thoughts on “Art. They’ll never believe us by Brett Jordan

  1. Sorry, the last comment was cut off, I meant to say: I love the pushing of realism in respect to light, fantasy and abstraction into something fresh and candid. Hope this makes sense. I’m terrible with words😆


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