Handcrafted. Man in the moon and his earthly companions. Pt 2.


Ok so this is the last of the handcrafted items for a while before I clog the blogwaves up with too much of one flavour. What a confusing collection of a shadow box we have here. The fawn was a gift from Bee and I felt the need to make a quick home for it.

You may recall me mention before that I’m a multi-doer procrastinator. Well this was in my transitional period when I was trying to complete things so this was a slapdash job but I kind of like it’s crappy look and the atmosphere that came out of it and for this reason I will never make a ‘better’ one. Atmosphere is everything.

The moon was made from air-drying clay. Don’t do it, invest in the oven bake varieties. The tree was a string and wire dream of creating my own bottle brush trees, hundreds of them. Balls to that, it took an age to make four. If I ever save up enough patience then I might try for my forest.

p.s. the little glass fox turned up about three months ago and so I moved him in with the fawn. Yes he is meant to be a fox.



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