[Murder] Poem. Lizzie.

Dreams of dappled shade
that hide the shadowed deeds.
Hawthorn flowers in her hair
her limbs are bloody weeds.

Kneeling at the treeline
of the wood that bears her name.
Slit from top to bottom
of words and hearts inflamed

Now she floats in the gasworks
Henry’s at the gallows steps
Monty can’t save you now Lizzie.
Curse your last ragged breath.

So tread carefully in the wood
of bludgeon and of blade
when all you really wish for are
dreams of dappled shade.

© Swarms Me 2016


This poem is inspired by a real murder in the woods near where I live that happened back in 1919. It’s a difficult personal historical story to read about. It reads like it was a shockingly destructive relationship (and that’s a kind description) from both Henry and Lizzie and that was before her murdered her. How he committed the act was spectacularly horrid.

I’m not a big rhymer so I’m not entirely happy with this at all. I’m going to re-visit it again in the future and will probably do another version.

Thanks for reading.




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