Blog: New ink and video plans

So I’ve got over myself slightly today after having a wobbly week in part from having a serious talk with myself and some really constructive comments from people here. Now some things to look forward to.

Number 1. I have a plan in place to make some more videos for YouTube which I have wanted to do for some time but although I organise so many things at work, typically when I get home it all goes woolly. I bought a selfie stick for my phone so I can construct a setup over my desk and I found out a clamp from the workshop to clamp it on the shelf. I use my phone as it has the best resolution and I’m not spending a fortune on a camera that I can’t justify. That is a little embarrassing now I’ve just typed those words….is that all I really needed to do? Jeepers!

moving quickly on…

Number 2. I have some new ink! It was a Chritsmas gift and I haven’t tried it out yet but I am going to try it out today. This is mainly thanks to Jeannette at who has recently been posting about some gorgeous new paints she has, which I personally find very exciting. The texture, transparency, flow etc. etc. yum. Anyway stop drooling over paint and get back to ink.
There’s a bloody brilliant shop in Shrewsbury called write here that is all things to pen and ink. The ink itself is iroshizuku (by Pilot) and the color is yama-guri which is supposed to reflect the wild chestnut and I suppose is a little similar to raw umber. I’ve just had a quick search and found this super page and it has a whole host of background and tests of the inks. I’ll be back there later to have a proper nose around.

If you’re expecting  a super thoughtful conclusion to this post you’ll be sadly mistaken. My real life stories are rubbish as are my jokes, which I don’t tell as I have abysmal comedy timing. I’m a rambler and that’s the way I’ll stay. Anyway I have to go and test my ink.

Swarms Me.


3 thoughts on “Blog: New ink and video plans

  1. I’m so glad you got over your hump. I love reading your “rubbish” real-life stuff! I actually don’t have the courage to be so open as you. Regarding ink and fountain pens- I’ve been down that rabbit hole before- love Pilot inks and Namiki falcon ex fine nibs!


    1. Ah thank-you! My collection seems to be growing, which is brilliant, although I wish I had more money to spend on them.
      It’s funny you mention about being open as I’ve done a lot of soul searching linked to blogging which I’m going to post about shortly.

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