Blog: Breathing

I’ve been thinking a bit lately. I love this blog, I love sharing my work and Bee’s work. I enjoy having a little ramble too. I did notice lately that I was getting a bit caught up with the perceived need to post a lot on a constant basis. I find myself down the rabbit hole of reading other blogs which then leads to reading another blog and so on and so forth which means I’m not actually doing anything at all.Now don’t get me wrong, I love reading other blogs. The fact there’s a place for your mind to splurge a bit is wonderful. I smile and laugh and am moved by many posts.

I post my part of the blog because it makes me happy and I want to share. What I needed to remind myself is that the point is not to focus on a bulk of content, getting swept up with a dozen different things, checking statistics and all that goes with it. The point is for me to be happy with what I post, that it has meaning to me. It doesn’t always have to be in the good category it can be in the learning category. But I must remember that is has to have some level of meaning.

It has to be like breathing.

2 thoughts on “Blog: Breathing

  1. Swarms, I have to agree with you. I constantly have to remind myself not to get caught up in all the social media stats. In fact, being a very private introvert, social media for me is like pulling teeth and a necessary evil. I started out blogging to share my creative pursuits and get out of my comfort zone. Now I find that there’s pressure if I want to promote my work. So like you, I have to remind myself to post when I have something worthwhile to post or share not for the sake of posting as much as I can to meet the stats. I do value the connections and comradery I have made through my blog 😊

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  2. Hey! 🙂 You know I am an introvert too so I think using a made up name makes this easier to do all of this. It’s like a theatrical mask I guess. This is a funny world and as long as we don’t get caught in the undertow it should be a pretty interesting journey and yes the connections that happen are a super bonus……At least now after this little realisation I won’t have to go back in time and delete loads of posts.


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