Hancrafted. Toad in a Hat woodcarving by Bee

Toad in a Hat on facebook and instagram

Take a look at Toad in a Hat on our facebook and instagram page. He’s pretty magnificent and dandy.



Handcrafted. Scottish Blackface woodcarving by Bee

So I forgot to add these on Friday.

Here’s a Scottish Blackface carved by Bee. What can I say apart from the fact he is a handsome beast. After a few difficult photos that just wouldn’t show up the work I think I got a few better shots. Hopefully you can see this lovely face pretty well.



Handcrafted. Goose woodcarving


That’s what I said when I walked through the door tonight and spotted this little tile on the table.

Goose is so far one of may favourites because of the textures and those feet! We really need to start thinking on how to get these oak tiles displayed to show them off to their best…so if you have any ideas please let me know.

And if you can think of any creatures who would look good in these little worlds then I will pass on your ideas to Bee.