Handcrafted. Doll headband and outfit

Long time no nothing, what a let down I start to tell myself but then why share a load of nothing to take up space so I didn’t and I got over it.

Skip back to the week before Christmas 2017 and Swarms and Bee are off to their first trip to Tokyo, Japan. A dream holiday that began with hideous jet-lag and resentment but ended as one of the most influential trips of our lives. For now, next trip is already in the planning stages but let’s get back on track….

I recall the days when Barbie and Sindy were it, they were influential in my world of play. They were mountaineers, fashion models, explorers and so many other things. Then that awkward age hit and I still really loved my dolls but I didn’t want to look like a baby so they all….yes all went to a jumble sale or charity shop or some other such tragic place. I still miss that Peaches and Cream dress….woah skip back to Tokyo and one of many days in Akihabara, right towards the end of the holiday. In the corner of one of the many floors of one of the many shops I spotted three semi-nude dolls wrapped carefully in cellophane. I ummed and ahhed until Bee asked me what the hell was wrong with me and I should just buy all three if I liked them…I have no idea why I stalled when they were around £13 for all three! So I bought them and my return to dolls returned.

Cut to today and many fat finger moments later, trial and error and pin pricks and cursing, lots of cursing and I’m getting to grips with small scale sewing. Actually sewing in general. I even sewed my first inset sleeve, successfully. Check me out. (I won’t mention that the bodice of the same piece was way too small – measure twice cut once rings in my head – so I only did one sleeve before I binned the piece)

I need to get on with it don’t I? Vanish of the surface of blogdom for a while and then I can’t stop typing a load of semi-related stuff from my mind to the page.

I love the Mori Girl look so wanted to take that as an influence. I crocheted a cute little shawl, stitched a sweet forest green dress, made some awful little mules and made my own headband and decorated it. I’m so so happy with it. I am by no means an authority on this kind of thing so a more experienced person will see a million flaws in my work, but I’m really happy and it sets off her look in a way that makes me happy. So I feel this is worth a share and I hope it will make you smile.



Handcrafted. Goose woodcarving


That’s what I said when I walked through the door tonight and spotted this little tile on the table.

Goose is so far one of may favourites because of the textures and those feet! We really need to start thinking on how to get these oak tiles displayed to show them off to their best…so if you have any ideas please let me know.

And if you can think of any creatures who would look good in these little worlds then I will pass on your ideas to Bee.


Handcrafted. Just Harvest Mouse woodcarving by Bee


It’s Monday. Bee didn’t do any carving at the weekend because you know weekend stuff. Today is a different story. Just Harvest Mouse has arrived to join the other two hand carved oak tiles. I don’t think the photo does this one justice at all as there is so much going on and I don’t know if the camera has picked up his tiny legs that are hanging on to the  stalks. What do you think?IMG_20171030_191436596IMG_20171030_191420179


Handcrafted. The mole woodcarving


Two lots of luck two days in a row. Bee has been carving.

Just like yesterday I came in from work and spotted something on the table. So I picked the little oak tile up and immediately noticed the unmistakable image of mole feet, I peered a little closer to see the sweetest face snuffling out of the woodcarving.

This wood is so deep and rich everything comes alive.

What could be next?



Handcrafted. A Little Whale woodcarving

IMG_20171026_185138374_HDR (2)IMG_20171026_185219327 (2)

Bee has been busy today. I got home from work and he shows me this little gem. A Little Whale is a woodcarving on re-purposed oak. This was essentially a piece an old sideboard that we found thrown out at the back of our old house. Who would thrown such beautiful wood out?

I did mention it was like a magnificent tile so fingers crossed we will get a series.