Handmade. First automaton

*sneaks in and waves*

I’m creating my first automata. I have completed a couple of kits and now I am taking the plunge, all be it in a very simple form. Progress picture below.

Watercolour and ink for the fish (painted on both sides), barbeque sticks and a good old glue gun.


Handmade: woodcarving, Woodland Walk


So here are some pictures of the woodcarving Bee has recently completed. I have been wanting to get something like this down for three years and I am in love with it. As I type this now I’m uploading a short video on to my YouTube channel so you can take the walk. I’ll attach it to this post once it is up.

You can go on a walk from the church, across the field and glance at the birds flying by. Then when you hop over the style or the wall and make your way to the edge of the treeline you might see foxes, badgers and even rabbits in the field. The when you wander across to the next field if you are very lucky you might just see a hare. But don’t forget to check the pond in case there is a toad nearby. Shhhh, stay quiet at the far edge of the field is a stag and his does.

Can you tell how much I love this.

Oh and I do stumble over the washing basket near the beginning of the video so please ignore that!

Handcrafted. The Fish and the Whale by Brett Jordan

During a wood chopping session (I kid you not) B spotted an interesting knot and before I knew it The Fish and the Whale was born.

This was nearly kindling. B chopped one end off a piece of pallet wood and then the other as they had nails in. There was a knot, or a hole where the knot had been. This sparked B’s mind. It looks like a little boat….it could be on the sea. B has loved whales for as long as he can remember so that was a given to get a whale in there.

I love the little lantern and the detail of his little box on the boat.

It is so sad that you can’t touch this piece, it’s texture is so inviting and the characterisation of both the fish and the whale is wonderful. There is a great sense of depth from the bottom of the boat to the sea underneath.

I don’t know if all this shows up on the photo. You’ll have to let us know.


Handcrafted. Along came a spider.

Ok I know I said I wasn’t going to post another handcrafted item post for a bit but I am struggling with a poem and I have a book review to write but that’s frustrating me too. So essentially I’m confessing that I’m annoying myself, which isn’t unusual and our little blog was feeling a bit empty. So as it is the season of good cheer and peace on earth I decided to pop Miss Muffet up for you to ponder on.

What has she got to do with peace on earth?  I hear your brain whirring away. Well I shall tell you. You see that little arachnid sitting next to her, well there is no running away, there is no screaming, there is no bludgeoning…….there is harmony between girl and spider.

Merry Christmas everybody.


Handcrafted. Man in the moon and his earthly companions. Pt 2.


Ok so this is the last of the handcrafted items for a while before I clog the blogwaves up with too much of one flavour. What a confusing collection of a shadow box we have here. The fawn was a gift from Bee and I felt the need to make a quick home for it.

You may recall me mention before that I’m a multi-doer procrastinator. Well this was in my transitional period when I was trying to complete things so this was a slapdash job but I kind of like it’s crappy look and the atmosphere that came out of it and for this reason I will never make a ‘better’ one. Atmosphere is everything.

The moon was made from air-drying clay. Don’t do it, invest in the oven bake varieties. The tree was a string and wire dream of creating my own bottle brush trees, hundreds of them. Balls to that, it took an age to make four. If I ever save up enough patience then I might try for my forest.

p.s. the little glass fox turned up about three months ago and so I moved him in with the fawn. Yes he is meant to be a fox.


Handcrafted. Man in the moon and his earthly companions. Pt 1.


It’s amazing what you can do with some spent poppy heads and bubble-wrap.

This is another joint venture and by joint venture on this occasion I mean I came up with the idea and asked Bee to make it. The scene and fox are all carved wood. We decided we would love this as an automaton where the fox runs across the field…so that’s on the ‘to do’ list.

There are a couple of finishing touches but overall it was a great spur of the moment creation.

I have always loved the moon.