Art: Watercolour by Swarms. Broc

img_20170509_184037885.jpgI’ve stepped back in to this world by accident and inspiration. As I write I’m often inspired by images and so I wanted to attach some images that I created to the words I write.

This watercolour was originally not going to look anything like this, it wasn’t even the subject matter but after a tantrum followed by a little time getting my hand back in tune with the paint it became Broc.

At the edge of every woodland I dream to see this character looking back at me before heavy-footing it back through the undergrowth to chomp on some bluebells. A glimpse is enough.




Handmade: woodcarving, Woodland Walk


So here are some pictures of the woodcarving Bee has recently completed. I have been wanting to get something like this down for three years and I am in love with it. As I type this now I’m uploading a short video on to my YouTube channel so you can take the walk. I’ll attach it to this post once it is up.

You can go on a walk from the church, across the field and glance at the birds flying by. Then when you hop over the style or the wall and make your way to the edge of the treeline you might see foxes, badgers and even rabbits in the field. The when you wander across to the next field if you are very lucky you might just see a hare. But don’t forget to check the pond in case there is a toad nearby. Shhhh, stay quiet at the far edge of the field is a stag and his does.

Can you tell how much I love this.

Oh and I do stumble over the washing basket near the beginning of the video so please ignore that!

Handcrafted. Red Hood and her decapitated Wolf. A joint adventure.

We finished this little scene early this year. Red and Wolf were knocking around for quite a while before that with no home. When I started making Red Bee jumped in with his set of felting needles and Wolf came to life shortly after Red’s finishing touches were complete. We both agreed she was way too cute not to pull a decapitated head behind her, but she needed an entrance. If a wrestler or darts player can have their walk on then why the hell shouldn’t Red have one too.

‘Let’s have her nonchalantly wandering from the edge of the woods.’

‘Yes, let’s’

The scene itself is recycled from a wooden drawer, foam from a deconstructed armchair to make the tree and fungi.

If this were anything other than a twist on a fairytale I wouldn’t be happy to see a decapitated creature. Live in harmony with all life adults and kids…I don’t have to tell you, you already know.