Handcrafted. Man in the moon and his earthly companions. Pt 2.


Ok so this is the last of the handcrafted items for a while before I clog the blogwaves up with too much of one flavour. What a confusing collection of a shadow box we have here. The fawn was a gift from Bee and I felt the need to make a quick home for it.

You may recall me mention before that I’m a multi-doer procrastinator. Well this was in my transitional period when I was trying to complete things so this was a slapdash job but I kind of like it’s crappy look and the atmosphere that came out of it and for this reason I will never make a ‘better’ one. Atmosphere is everything.

The moon was made from air-drying clay. Don’t do it, invest in the oven bake varieties. The tree was a string and wire dream of creating my own bottle brush trees, hundreds of them. Balls to that, it took an age to make four. If I ever save up enough patience then I might try for my forest.

p.s. the little glass fox turned up about three months ago and so I moved him in with the fawn. Yes he is meant to be a fox.



Handcrafted. Man in the moon and his earthly companions. Pt 1.


It’s amazing what you can do with some spent poppy heads and bubble-wrap.

This is another joint venture and by joint venture on this occasion I mean I came up with the idea and asked Bee to make it. The scene and fox are all carved wood. We decided we would love this as an automaton where the fox runs across the field…so that’s on the ‘to do’ list.

There are a couple of finishing touches but overall it was a great spur of the moment creation.

I have always loved the moon.

Keeping up the momentum. My rabbit hole is a stinking alley.

I use ‘keeping up the momentum’ as I have a terrible habit of flagging, lagging and getting distracted. I’ve been a procrastinator that does too many things so as not to get anything finished. About four months ago I decided to have a clear out and focus on the right things. That’s not to say I don’t have a dabble but by limiting myself I have expanded my mind; don’t get excited, it hasn’t been transcendental. It has been quite bleak. Now don’t get me wrong I’m a really happy, fluffy, unicorn rainbows kind of girl but I believe (you may feel differently) that you cannot truly be a kitten eating a bag of rainbow drops without going a bit further down the road, round the corner and hanging out in the dank, rotting alley too.

And so here is another poem that I would like to share and if you would like to take a look at the video on YouTube that is here.

The Man in the moon

The man in the moon could find no room
in his cold dead heart
to warn the man who walks the street
with shadows of strangers at his feet.

The man in the moon watched as the broom,
in the hairy hands of a bitter heart
went with a thwack
down on the girl as it broke her small back.

The man in the moon, in hooded gloom
watched as still as could be.
In the dark of the door with brimstone eyes,
stood a lonely girl with a world full of sighs

The man in the moon looks in my room
as I lie in my bed. What does he see?
Do I peep through the crack
or take my chance and stare right back?

Swarms Me 2016