Handcrafted. Along came a spider.

Ok I know I said I wasn’t going to post another handcrafted item post for a bit but I am struggling with a poem and I have a book review to write but that’s frustrating me too. So essentially I’m confessing that I’m annoying myself, which isn’t unusual and our little blog was feeling a bit empty. So as it is the season of good cheer and peace on earth I decided to pop Miss Muffet up for you to ponder on.

What has she got to do with peace on earth?  I hear your brain whirring away. Well I shall tell you. You see that little arachnid sitting next to her, well there is no running away, there is no screaming, there is no bludgeoning…….there is harmony between girl and spider.

Merry Christmas everybody.



Handcrafted. Red Hood and her decapitated Wolf. A joint adventure.

We finished this little scene early this year. Red and Wolf were knocking around for quite a while before that with no home. When I started making Red Bee jumped in with his set of felting needles and Wolf came to life shortly after Red’s finishing touches were complete. We both agreed she was way too cute not to pull a decapitated head behind her, but she needed an entrance. If a wrestler or darts player can have their walk on then why the hell shouldn’t Red have one too.

‘Let’s have her nonchalantly wandering from the edge of the woods.’

‘Yes, let’s’

The scene itself is recycled from a wooden drawer, foam from a deconstructed armchair to make the tree and fungi.

If this were anything other than a twist on a fairytale I wouldn’t be happy to see a decapitated creature. Live in harmony with all life adults and kids…I don’t have to tell you, you already know.