Poem. Hares


Hares, they stare and float on air.
They push and shove in the name of love.

Swarms Me 2016



At some point I’ll get round to making a flip book animation video to go with this poem.


Art. Bull Elephant by Brett Jordan


Brett has, for a number of years been involved in charitable work and fundraising for elephant conservation. He started around 1979 and has been fundraising and using his skills on and off since that time.

This is an oil sketch he has been tinkering with. It was/is going to become a full blown oil  painting to be donated to  the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust but it’s on our wall now, it may still get to where he wants it one day or stay as a sketch. I think it’s perfect how it is, it just needs a frame.

He wanted to reflect something different to the typical elephant painting where as he says ‘they can sometimes look ironed out and manicured‘. The large strokes are rugged and chopped and rough just like the elephant. The tempestuous background with flairs of red and orange shows their power at the same time as their fragility from the suggestion of a pyre of burning ivory. It is a powerful piece and these photos do not do it any justice at all. I will try and improve my camera skills but I really hope you enjoy this work as much as I do. It’s one of the reasons I started this blog.