Hancrafted. Toad in a Hat woodcarving by Bee

Toad in a Hat on facebook and instagram

Take a look at Toad in a Hat on our facebook and instagram page. He’s pretty magnificent and dandy.



Handcrafted. Scottish Blackface woodcarving by Bee

So I forgot to add these on Friday.

Here’s a Scottish Blackface carved by Bee. What can I say apart from the fact he is a handsome beast. After a few difficult photos that just wouldn’t show up the work I think I got a few better shots. Hopefully you can see this lovely face pretty well.



Handcrafted. The mole woodcarving


Two lots of luck two days in a row. Bee has been carving.

Just like yesterday I came in from work and spotted something on the table. So I picked the little oak tile up and immediately noticed the unmistakable image of mole feet, I peered a little closer to see the sweetest face snuffling out of the woodcarving.

This wood is so deep and rich everything comes alive.

What could be next?