Video. The Gift. A Halloween chiller

Back in November 2016 I wrote a short story that had a supernatural/chiller feel to it. I had just discovered Audacity so went to town and created my own or added background atmosphere and foley type sounds to give it a bit more depth.

I’d also just discovered AMSR videos after suffering from quite a few sleepless nights and so wrote the story and created the sounds with this in mind.

I had so much fun doing it and can’t wait to have the time to create some more. As it’s Halloween I though it would be an appropriate time to share it again.


Hope you enjoy it along with all the creepypasta videos.



Video: [Poem] Hares

Ahhh I’ve finally uploaded another video on YouTube after lots of fussing around. It’s unrefined but I like it anyway and I’m most happy about finally finding the right setting for writing videos. It’s to accompany this poem, Hares.

Friday Fictioneers: The Palace of Ten Thousand Arches.

Photo prompt ©Dale Rogerson

The Palace of Ten Thousand Arches and each arch has a tale to tell. Over there is where the first usurper uttered his embryonic plot. Behind us is where the handmaid became a mother and later gutted the man who forced motherhood on her.

At this moment, by the arch right in front of us, His Most Exalted feels like he will marry the handmaiden’s child at 18. He will ask the crone and she will tell him to proceed but give him portents that she knows he will not heed. Her need for justice and revenge will be satisfied.

©Swarms Me 2017

(100 words)

Do you know what I really don’t know if I’m happy with this at all and I really struggled this week. Maybe I’ve had a bad week in general and it’s not even Friday anymore but I’m posting it as a lesson to myself. I think as it reminds me so much as the setting for a place that I have in mind for another story it wouldn’t get out of my head for this prompt.

As always (twice now) thank-you to Rochelle for choosing and pushing us with these prompts. There have been so many great pieces this week and I am only a third of the way through them.

Friday Fictioneers: Concrete songs and trolls.


Photo prompt ©C. E. Ayr

Every day I catch the train, only just make it sometimes. I find a seat by the window, somehow I always seem to get one, just my luck.

The singing starts when that scrappy red bridge comes into sight. I sometimes glance to see if anyone else notices. My eyes are drawn to that concrete support. It’s like a mermaid coming out of the tarmac and hardcore sea singing me back there to a place where trolls shouldn’t lurk but do. It smells of grease, dust and concealment. Holding the bridge up, holding secrets down, holding me as a prisoner.

(100 words)

by Swarms Me ©2017

This is my first go at Friday Fictioneers and I really enjoyed it. What a challenge, what a buzz. How scary too!

Click the link to take a look at Rochelle Weisoff-Fields site.

Book review. Echo Volume 1: Approaching Shatter by Kent Wayne

Pre-review comments:

I’ve had this in my drafts folders for weeks now. I was angry at you (and for you) Kent Wayne I really was angry at how the book ended. Now I’ve mellowed and decided discuss my own issues on a separate blog post because it’s not fair to take my frustrations out as it would seem on one writer, which I won’t. There is also swearing in this review to warn you. As I always say these are my opinions and make your own judgements by discovering it for yourself readers as you should in life. Find your own truth, don’t believe everything you’re told on face value.



My final reaction to the ending of this book was to swear (or curse if you prefer). I was feeling a build up, a fizz, a few threads were coming together, I was intrigued; something was happening. But it finished at the end of a chapter rather than the end of a book. I was so disappointed. I was angry. Do you know why? Because it was potentially going to put people off from reading the next book, it nearly did that to me.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been in the cinema watching a film and you notice it only reaches part way up the room and you only reach half way down to the screen and you never quite touch? No? Only me then. This happened to me years ago watching To Kill a King with Tim Roth and Dougray Scott and it’s stuck with me ever since as a measure of things.

Echo Volume 1: Approaching Shatter kind of did this to me too. There was quite a lot of background but I drifted in the world and I didn’t read it at every opportunity so I knuckled down. I wanted to give it a chance to make sure it wasn’t me. I enjoyed the characters, I enjoyed the internal struggle and the excellent social commentary. I felt for Atriya, for his confusion and growing repressed fear of just what the fuck is going on that turned to anger and the searching for something.

I mean take a read of the synopsis I’ve snaffled from Amazon.

In the late 21st century, humanity left Earth due to multiple resource shortcomings aggravated by an acceleration in climate change. They settled Echo, a planet that was nearly a carbon copy of Earth except for being devoid of all but the most basic life forms. Fast forward 1200 years later. Echo has endured over a thousand years of dark age. Corporations and government merged early on, becoming the oppressive authority known as the Regime. Military and police merged into the Department of Enforcement, their only mission to crush the huge network of rebels known as the Dissidents. Over half the planet is covered by decaying cityscapes and the elite live high above, removed and remote from the greater populace on the moon-city of Ascension. Hope lies in one man, a former Enforcer named Atriya. But before he can break the cycle of darkness and ignorance on Echo, he has to do it within himself.

Exciting eh and it is thick with layers it’s a true and solid other world full of piss and shit and real searching. But honestly it is pulled thin in this book, it left me dangling and wanting and if I were superstitious I would have my fingers crossed than when I give this series another chance, which it deserves, and when I click that buy button it won’t make me angry again but it will grow and pull me in. It will get it’s grimy Sci-Fi fingers around my ankle and yank me hard on to the mean streets where I don’t know where the best place is to get away from the Regime.

Echo Volume 1: Approaching Shatter by Kent Wayne. 08/08/2015 Publisher /


Keeping up the momentum. My rabbit hole is a stinking alley.

I use ‘keeping up the momentum’ as I have a terrible habit of flagging, lagging and getting distracted. I’ve been a procrastinator that does too many things so as not to get anything finished. About four months ago I decided to have a clear out and focus on the right things. That’s not to say I don’t have a dabble but by limiting myself I have expanded my mind; don’t get excited, it hasn’t been transcendental. It has been quite bleak. Now don’t get me wrong I’m a really happy, fluffy, unicorn rainbows kind of girl but I believe (you may feel differently) that you cannot truly be a kitten eating a bag of rainbow drops without going a bit further down the road, round the corner and hanging out in the dank, rotting alley too.

And so here is another poem that I would like to share and if you would like to take a look at the video on YouTube that is here.

The Man in the moon

The man in the moon could find no room
in his cold dead heart
to warn the man who walks the street
with shadows of strangers at his feet.

The man in the moon watched as the broom,
in the hairy hands of a bitter heart
went with a thwack
down on the girl as it broke her small back.

The man in the moon, in hooded gloom
watched as still as could be.
In the dark of the door with brimstone eyes,
stood a lonely girl with a world full of sighs

The man in the moon looks in my room
as I lie in my bed. What does he see?
Do I peep through the crack
or take my chance and stare right back?

Swarms Me 2016

First poem out there and I chose murder and posted on YouTube.

So I took the plunge after some encouraging nagment from Bee and recorded a murder poem I wrote back in the summer and posted it on YouTube here. Yes that’s right a murder poem. It didn’t start out that way, I was just enjoying the walks we took on a local nature reserve where we would bake in the sun along a particularly quiet stretch where the gorse has overtaken the area and has created a passageway. I was quite surprised to realise that the bright sunshine mimicking flowers of the gorse smell a little bit  like coconut and candy floss. Mix that in with me reading a bit on the history of the area and finding a couple of gruesome stories at that same sort of time and this is what happened. Actually it’s not quite that cut and dry, but a tale for another time.

Follow me down.

Follow me down
Where the sun beats the rhythm
and join me basking near rocks with lizards.
The gorse will hide us in it’s own sunshine
with crackling shells and tropical smells.
We can share with the hoverflies and bees near hawthorn trees.
Won’t you follow me here and beside me lie?
You can show me the clouds
and I will smile and listen as this symphony thickens.
Won’t you follow me down and smile and lie and dream and laugh before you die?
My hands are as soft as the moss we lie on and your throat will be handled with care.
But first let’s take the time to stop and stare
Don’t want you to be aware
I’d rather see the surprise in your eyes and your questions why
as my soft hands kiss your skin so shy.
Follow me down,
Follow me down and die.

by Swarms Me 2016